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Marcelo Fruet is Fruet Music’s founder, director and the company’s head of  music production. Along more than 15 years, he has developed special music productions techniques to help independent and mainstream artists to achieve a next level in their careers. Nowadays, he is one of the most talented, known and required music producers in the south of Brazil.

Fruet’s production techniques are based in the principle of considering the artist and the track/album as a whole, from its conception to the final mix, treating the process itself as important as the record result. This idea comes from the current necessity artists have to make records that correspond truthfully to their stage acts and vice-versa, once their real income comes from ticket sales and not from selling records, at least in the main phases of their careers. 


These techniques are now part of the standard music production process of the company and are being constantly improved by Fruet Music’s team members Átila Viana and Daniel Roitman as well.


Several artists produced by Fruet had conquered a better place in the market after passing through the company. They had more exposition, recognition and sales improvements. Some of them signed with or have received proposals from major labels. Great examples of those are Brazilian reggae band Chimarruts (signed with EMI for their album after Fruet’s production), the experimental pop band Apanhador Só (currently a big name in the national independent music scenario), the 2000’s rock band Pública and the Brazilian pop rock band Dingo Bells, whose record got a huge repercussion in the media and in the market.


We offer services of pre-production, tracking production and post-production. 

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