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Our company also helps the new artists - whose potential we believe in - to find a proper team to their music business work by offer them consulting sessions on music aesthetics, career and market, while spreads the word to the appropriate music professionals they might need to meet in order to accomplish their goals.

A couple of years ago, Fruet Music has started to promote educational activities - workshops, lectures and other practical classes - targeting the independent musicians, artists, music producers, executive producers and so on. The idea of the project was to help Brazilian professionals and students to have a better understanding of the creative economy, its productive string and possibilities. We think it as a contribution to raise the quality level of the sector in Brazil, as we realised it is very poor in general. Helping the independent music market to better organize itself, we are also helping the artists to understand they could save time and money using a service like ours.

“Our goal is to help artists to find their own authenticity: get rid of the excess of references, enhance their personality, their identity and provide a handful of tools to achieve a proper aesthetic language, an universe of their own, to help accommodate their music into a unique place in the market.” (Marcelo Fruet).

Fruet Music is a Brazilian company focused on the music production market for Brazilian music, pop, rock, funk, reggae, hiphop and alternative emerging artists. Founded by producer Marcelo Fruet in the year of 2000 as a recording studio, the company very soon has extended its services to music production, artistic consulting, original music score and educational projects for the music industry professionals. The companyʼs mission is to achieve high-end audio and creative musical results by a fraction of the big companies price, feeding the independent music market with a competitive quality so the artists can jump to the “next level” in their careers.

Not by chance, Marcelo Fruet has turned into one of the most known and prominent music producers in the south of Brazil. His work with bands such as Apanhador Só, Dingo Bells, Chimarruts and Pública are examples followed by many other artists that wish to emerge in their career.

Fruet Music has small and medium recording facilities, well equipped with advanced modern and vintage gear, plus a team of engineers and producers with very sensitive minds to approach the music work in a not-so-industrial way, as we believe it deserves.