E12 Records (formerly Estúdio12 Experiênciasonora) is a recording studio located in Porto Alegre, the capital of the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. Based on small to medium recording and mixing comfortable facilities, equipped with both modern and vintage high-end gear, E12 offers a team of smart and sensitive minds to help artists and projects to achieve their best results in audio, music and music score. The companyʼs philosophy is to improve the music quality, not just audio quality, but the music and artists as a whole. We usually work with artists who are looking for a "next level jump" in their careers (and are ready for it), however, we rent the studio hourly and daily for regular artists and engineers that want to use our facilities as well. E12 worked for medium to big artists and companies along the years, including Dingo Bells, Apanhador Só, Chimarruts, Pública, Da Guedes, Flu, Candy Spots (USA), Time Master Studio (USA), Among With The Willows (Nashville, TN), Loop Reclame, Gogó Conteúdo Sonoro, TVE- RS, RBSTV, John Deer, among many others.

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