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Fruet Music has an educational project specially created to help Brazilian music professionals developing their skills and understanding of the creative economy  productive string. This project is hosted at www.produzindomusica.com. Using this platform we organize and promote lectures, workshops and other actual  educational actions.


After a lot of research about the independent music market and how it works in Brazil, we realized that many professionals are still unprepared and unaware the  real way things work in the creative economy productive string. They are often blind to see the medium to long-term return of the budget expended and this tends to limit their product/service quality and development. For us (and at the end for them also), this turned to be a huge obstacle to provide and sell the services we believe to be the right ones to achieve better results.  


After some pilot tests, we came to the conclusion that most Brazilian independent music market professionals are still very amateurs and this is slowing down the whole music economics wheel. As a result of these tests, we’ve 

find out that after being exposed to contemporary re-known music personas lectures and workshops, they start to look for their music, the market and the possibilities in different ways, more open to creative solutions and fearless about the uncertainty of the market and its workflow.


The focus in these actions is to increase the general quality of music produced and consumed in Brazil (specially out of the big urban centers), having more circulation, better social articulation and constant development of thinking. Raising the economy wheels of music we can contribute to have more music playing over the country, more artists making their living better and new artists upcoming from this movement.


It is not that big thing, but we feel we are making a difference and fulfilling our role as a company from and to human beings.

- Fruet Music -

music production, recording, mixing and music score