We have a continuous educational program on music production, where we help artists, audio students, and professionals develop and enhance their skills. The classes happen weekly and cover many stages of the music production process, from preproduction to the final master record and what should be done next. However, the program's primary focus remains on professional audio and tools such as Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Wavelab for recording, mixing, and mastering stages of the record production process.

Fruet Music also creates, from time to time, special educational projects designed to help Brazilian artists to understand their role and develop their skills in the music market. We have presented some of them in many lectures and workshops around festivals and international music fairs, such as SIM São Paulo, FIMS, Contrapedal Connect, and TUM Sound Festival. The idea was to bring artists and other music professionals to have a closer look into their careers and market niches. This way, they could get a bigger picture of the whole market and start figuring out how to find their own space in it, initially, from the perspective of the music production and how it affects the quality of the product that the artists deliver to their potential audience.